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ASIA's Fanart Update

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  • asia_2@livejournal.com
Hi! (^_^) ASIA here.

Sorry but I don't take commissions. You are welcome to host or share my fanart anywhere with appropriate credit (mention of my HN, website URL (www.endlessorbit999.com), etc.), but please NO SECONDARY MODIFICATIONS such as LJ icons, music videos, etc. I do not wish to have my fanart associated with any thoughts or ideas that I have no intention of. Please use your own talents to express yourself.

I am no longer active in LJ world, however, I am still an active fanartist on my own website. You are always welcome to visit my website, only it is mainly operated in Japanese including my blog.
1x2, fanart, gundam wing, heeroxduo toward the terra, jomyxblue