GW1x2 fanart Dedicated for Sunhawk

I haven't drawn GW fanart for a long time...the last GW fanart I have drawn was little over 10 years ago. But it's only fitting to do a 1x2 fanart dedicated for none other than sunhawk16, in honor of her very final and very special "Twelve Days of Christmas" I can't say it came out as good as I envisioned, but I decided to throw in darn Gundams in very last minute, and since I haven't drawn Gundams for a while, it was harder than I expected. I am sure sunhawk16 will forgive me. I must say, I had such great time with you on this fandom!!! May this couple I have drawn out would make a great companion piece for you up there.

So here it is.

As usual, here is the step-by-step progress of it.

I have chosen the outfits from my very first fanart I have done for sunhawk16's fanfic, "Head Games". I have done a fanart (with a stinking Mustang!!) and 6-page manga below:

I don't think there are much people left on the Livejournal, and I myself usually only post my fanarts only on my own website and not dealing with any SNS related media, if any of you are seeing this, Merry Christmas to you all!


More Bento and Captain Jack Sparrow Brown Bag

Summer camp time! This year I have decided to pack simple sandwiches (with home-baked bread) and fruits, and I have been drawing characters on her brown bag. I have to save my energy for Saturday Japanese School bento (more details later). Most of the time I just pick character myself such as Snoopy, Hello Kitty, etc. The other day I asked my kiddo's request, and she asked for "Captain Jack Sparrow!" I have totally forgotten that recently my hubby took the kiddo to go see the newest Pirates of the Caribbean movie...  The kiddo was like "Can you put the skull logo on the back?" "Can you color it?" Do you know just how flimsy the brown paperbag is? (>_>)  The most ridiculous looking sandwich bag ever...
fc2blog_201706161158229e9.jpg fc2blog_201706161158054d7.jpg fc2blog_20170616115839979.jpg fc2blog_20170616115932454.jpg fc2blog_20170616122119a7b.jpg

And more bento photos below.
fc2blog_20170423000533295.jpg fc2blog_201705060913288b2.jpg fc2blog_201705060913476b2.jpg fc2blog_20170520223928f4a.jpg fc2blog_201705202239555ec.jpg fc2blog_20170513080820ff7.jpg fc2blog_20170513080839d72.jpg fc2blog_201706052214339dd.jpg fc2blog_20170605221417d65.jpg fc2blog_20170527224937ba0.jpg fc2blog_2017052722502024d.jpg fc2blog_201706142317446a4.jpg fc2blog_20170613065318b89.jpg fc2blog_20170612101442e80.jpg fc2blog_20170610094747f42.jpg fc2blog_20170610094809d2e.jpg
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[Terra Fanart] Forest

This one took forever to finish...sheesh.

Done with usual watercolor pencils and little bit of pastels.  I like coloring with nature theme. I usually don't plan very well when I start drawing so this time I kept changing my mind every which way.  And in the end I really ran out of the space on the paper, but you know, it's an analog art so you can't really expand the paper (^.^;) I wish I could strech the paper juuuuust a littel wider, but oh well this is that.

One of the reason this art took forever...can you believe it, we adopted yet another cat!! (@_@) Furthermore, this cat has something I have never heard of from cats...Flea Allergy!!  How can an animal survive with such things??  Needless to say, when I saw her at shelter she was in horrible horrible shape. She was supposedly 3 years old but she was so skinny and tiny she didn't look any more than 6mo old.  The black one is only 10mo old, and you would almost believe that the black one is the baby tortie's mother! She must've been malnutritioned for a long time. And oh my she had scabs everywhere!!! She was "owner surrender" but I doubt she was very well taken care of, by the shape she was in.  On top of it she has the usual shelter cold so she was sneezing coughing snotting everywhere, it was the most pathetic creature I have ever seen in there.  So naturally I picked her up to make her MINE (^3^) She kept laying down unmoving for almost a week, and I had to force her mouth open to push in wetfood and squirted some water with syringe.  We were worried she may not make it (@_@;;)

But she has recovered and now is our cat.
So the big black cat is my kiddo's per se, and this tortie is somewhat mine. Unlike the black one this tortie is not a kid lover, so when my kiddo's home she totally hides away and only comes out when she is not home (^_^;)  My dog is still around...she is 11 years old now, getting up there for sure. Again she is on the bottom of the tortem pole. But as long as mommy's there, my dog can handle all the hardships...

The funny thing about this cat...she LOVEs her belly rubbed, just like dogs! But she doesn't like being petted in the usual places, head, back, etc. My theory is that she always had skin issue from the fleas where she couldn't reach,  and the belly was the only part that she didn't have any scrapes and scabs. The black one doesnt' get mad with the belly rub either, but not as much as how tortie enjoys it (^_^) She definitely has trust issue but she is slowly opening up, specially to me (*^_^*)  I eat lots of fish so naturally my animals are all fish lovers (on top of "balanced" cat food).  They are very lucky to get what they get to eat I tell ya! (^_^)

Return of the Cute Bento Attack (>_>)

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Now school is out...winter break...I hate to have the kiddo chance of drawing and I can't focus on anything I do...but at least I don't have to make any bento, so it's a mixed feeling *LOL*

Oh and now we have a brand new cat!

Our last cat died this spring (18yrs old) and it was really devastating for my kiddo. We weren't actively looking but we encountered this at the shelter (of course we were just LOOKING mind you...), super friendly, even lets you rub on her belly, follows you everywhere like a dog in cat skin.  She is a big hit!  She slept on the kiddo's bed all night long in the first day she came, and she is just constantly rubbing up against you purring...we haven't even heard the single meowing from her yet because all we get to hear is her purr (@O@)  She is only 9 months old so she will be a good companion for the kiddo for many years to come (^_^)

[Terra Fanart] Aomushi

We do have the original kid book version, but recently I have purchased this one for myself (^_^) But either way, the term "caterpillar" (Aomushi) inspired me with this weird AU ficlet between caterpillar Jomy x butterfly-reincarnated spider Blue.  And I also came up with the image of the art to go with (^_^)

I keep trying at Pastels but they are really tricky to deal with, and I always end up escaping to my good old faithful watercolor pencils.  Hopefully more practice helps.

[American Fanart] C3PO

My mother stayed here for few weeks and with my kiddo's fall break, Election Day, Veteran's Day, and Thanksgiving week was all off for motivation/energy for drawing drained down to zero. So I did this get compliments from local natives :-D to get my mojo up again.  It hubby who is a self-proclaimed C3PO hater, kept giving me the wierd sidelook on this pic LOL

And my kiddo wanted to copy me.  Not bad! I don't think I had any ability to pay this much attention to the details on this age. Maybe she grows up to be the great fanartist one day :-D

[Terra Fanart] Ushiwakamaru

This is based on one of the fanfic I wrote, sort of double-parody of Terra and one of the Japanese classic historical stories "Ushiwakamaru". I didn't wayt to try this since I felt that having a blond guy wearing Kimono is a bit too weird, but hey if Keanu Reeves and Tom Cruise can pull it off, why not Jomy? ...And it still turned out weird (-.-;) Oh well it was a fun challenge!

[Terra Fanart] Green

Last couple arts were in dry atmosphere, so I wanted something more moist, per se (^O^)  I also wanted to try using pastels again, but I ended up using my good old watercolor pencils a lot anyways. Pastels didn't work out to color little details and I didn't have enough skills.  I will try it again some other time...

"Dune 2" Jomy (^O^)

Last time the background looked too rocky so this time I decided to pull out the pastels, which I haven't touched for...9 years?  It took me a while to figure out how to use it again.  But I didn't really pay attention in landscaping, so it looks like sandy-color-waves instead of dunes.  I may try the same theme sometime..but I will give it a break before I come back to it again (^.^;)  I want Blue to be in the picture too!